WS-SC2410 10A wellsee intelligent solar controller

WS-SC2410 10A wellsee intelligent solar controller
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12V 24V 10A solar system charge controller


  WS-SC2410 wellsee intelligent solar controller is totally different from other controllers with three stage charging mode:it charges by battery charging characteristic curve and adopts to intelligent three steps charging mode “constant current- constant voltage and limited current-Purling floating”,It make the battery full of power.

Three-stage charging mode (take 12V system as an example.)

1.Constant current fully charge stage: directly charging battery by using constant current output characteristic until the voltage of battery is up to 13.7V(factory defaults,can be set)

2. Constant voltage charge stage: controlled by PWM, the battery voltage is kept at 13.7V, till charge current is less than Purling current floating charge voltage;

3. Purling current floating charge stage: continue to adjust PWM and keep the charge current keep in floating status until battery voltage is up to 14.2V, charging is over.


If the started voltage of battery is higher than the lowest protection voltage, the system will go to the Purling current floating charge stage automatically to prevent frequent overcharging; if started charge voltage is lower than the lowest protection voltage, the system will go to three-stage charge mode.


Three-stage charge mode uses constant current charging at the beginning and the end, and uses constant voltage charging in the intermediate stage. When the current is decayed to the set value, it switches from the second stage to the third stage. This mode can make the outlet minimum to protect the battery better and really charge the battery fully.


• Applying with various types of durable batteries

• Automatic recognition of input voltage

• Micro processing controller Pulse Modulation Wide-frequency PWM charge

• Temperature sensor for charging a battery in compensation

•bulk charge function to increase solar panel effiency

• Purling complete function to protect battery

• Overload protection (automatic comeback)

• Overcharge protection

• Short circuit protection (automatic comeback)

• Thunder protection

• Reverse discharge protection

• Reverse polarity connection protection

• Converse polarity connection protection (automatic comeback)

• Low voltage protection

• High-performance computers buttons, thoroughly solve the design flaws(not bounce after push button many times,button doesn’t work,the machine easy to damage)of conductive copper buttons used on market